With the help of credit card readers, businesses are able to accept debit and credit card payments. It’s good to know that the majority of these solutions work perfectly well with mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. They can also help you sync with your business software and even with POS apps. There is no doubt that these devices are helpful and worth the investment. Now let’s check the top mobile credit card reader solutions in 2018.

Shopify POS

In case you want to launch an online store and you want to accept sales in physical stores with the help of a credit card reader at the same time, then you should consider using Shopify POS. There are actually two solutions offered by Shopify and they are both great. This device works with the help of a specially designed Shopify POS app that works on Android and iOS. What’s unique is that with the help of this device you can connect to the Shopify’s eCommerce management system where you can check inventory, sales, products, and many other things. The biggest downside is that Shopify POS doesn’t offer an offline mode.


Cayan provides one chip & magstripe reader that works on both smartphones and tablets. In addition, Cayan works with a special mobile keypad credit card terminal too. We should also mention that Cayan provides a few different retail credit card terminals. One of the things that are special about it is that the fees are tailored to the business that uses them. According to the fee structure, it’s best to use this mobile credit card reader in case you are selling goods worth over $10.000 per month.


Square represents a cheap, all-in-one payment processing solution that provides a wide range of credit card reader solutions to the users. It is possible to select registers, contactless readers and more. This is one of the rare credit card readers for small businesses that provides a perfect service to businesses that accept online payments and in-person payments at the same time.

PayPal Here

In case you are running a business that accepts PayPal payments or you are considering this option in the future, you should definitely opt for PayPal Here. With this mobile credit card reader, you will achieve complete integration and enjoy the fair fees on every transaction. Keep in mind that PayPal Here doesn’t have an offline mode.

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